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Professional FDM equipment, tools and materials for 3D printing

The main advantages of the NIT-Print2 3D printer:

  • The use of industrial-type plastics. Our printer is the only device in this price segment that can do printing using our composite materials or known PEI, PEK, and POM plastics.
  • Replaceable extruders. The extruder of a 3D printer is the part of the printer that requires precise setting. Our modular extruders allow easy replacement by the personnel of any qualification level without interruption of the process.
  • Water Soluble Supports. Our equipment has a double-extruder system able to print water soluble supports for the models of high complexity.
  • Safety. Our equipment has an air filtration system for its safe operation.
  • Automatic Calibration. This function makes the use of our 3D printer very simple.
  • A closed chamber design ensures printing of complex structures which could not be done with the earlier 3D printers.
  • 12 Month Warranty and friendly technical support specialists (Russian-speaking) that are ready to solve any problem!


Printing technology Fused Filament Fabrication [FFF]
Printing area 297х210х210 mm
Print speed up to 50 cm³/h
Layer height, min 30 μm (0.03 mm)
Noise level <50 dB
Filament diameter 1.75+0.25 mm
Extruders 2 replaceable extruders
Printing materials ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET, NYLON, PVA
With an extra extruder: POM, PC, PEI, PEEK
Extrusion temperature Base extruder: up to 260, Extra extruder: up to 500
Dimensions 590x440x510 mm
Weight 34 kg
Operating temperature 18° – 30° C
Storage temperature 0° - 40° C
Power supply 220V +15% 50Hz
Interfaces USB; SD HC (included)
Software Cura, SimpliFy, Kisslicer, Repetier Host, 3DPrinterOS
File type .stl; .obj
Manufacturer Volgograd (Russia)
Warranty 12 months


You can print from any CAD or design programs as it is compatible with any control software for 3D printers. Recommended software: Ultimaker Cura (Holland). It is a free and simple software with a lot of features. Moreover, the said software has a user-friendly Russian interface.

Scope of supply

Price - 149 000 RUB.


As we develop new composite materials, we select the appropriate equipment which is compatible with our products.

Recommended materials:
A piece of our particular pride – our composite materials which are new and unique to the 3D printing market:

NIT-MID - is a polyamide 6 composite for 3D printing. It possesses high strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, and low coefficient of sliding friction. Polyamide composites may be used to manufacture (print) parts of different mechanisms. Polyamide composites may be used to print different parts (e. g. bushings, gears, bearing elements, etc.) that were initially manufactured by injection molding. It should be noted that the properties of printed products are only a little bit different from those of injection molded products.

Parameter Test conditions Values
Melt flow rate, g/10 min Load: 2.16 kg, temperature: 230 ˚С 5.5
Tensile strength, MPa Extension rate 50 mm/min 53.2
Ultimate elongation, % Extension rate 50 mm/min 220
Unnotched Charpy impact strength, KJ/m2 Impact machine 5 J, temperature 23±2 ˚С A sample was not broken
Notch Charpy impact strength, KJ/m2 Impact machine 5 J, temperature 23±2 ˚С 13.7
Vicat softening temperature, ˚С Heating rate 120 ˚С/hour, load 50 N 195

NIT-TPK-A2 – is a composite material of increased thermal conductivity. It a perfect solution for heat-elements or other parts that may require thermal conductivity similar to Aluminum.

Parameter Measurement method Conditions Units of measurement Value
Thermal diffusivity ASTM E1461 25 °C
50 °C
75 °C
mm2/sec 0.28
Melt flow rate GOST 11645-73 230 °С/2.16 kg g/10 min 8.6
Density GOST 15139-69 g/cm3 2.3
Tensile strength GOST 11262-80 MPa 54.2
Ultimate elongation GOST 11262-80 % 7.1
Unnotched Charpy impact strength GOST 4647-80 23 °С KJ/m2 29.0
Vicate softening temperature GOST 15088-83 °С 195
Water absorption GOST 4650-80 Water, 24 hours at 23 °С % 0
Water absorption GOST 4650-80 Water, 30 minutes at 100 °С (boiling) % 0

NIT-FLEX – is arubber-like composite possesing the rubber properties, suitable for 3D printing. Can be used to manufacture gaskets or other parts!

Parameter Regulations Test conditions Parameter
Melt flow rate, g/10 minutes, within the interval GOST 11645-73 Temperature 190 ˚С, load 5 kg 3-7
Nominal tensile strength, MPa, min. GOST 270-75 Extension rate 500 mm/min., temperature 23±2 ˚С 7
Ultimate elongation, %, minimum GOST 270-75 Extension rate 500 mm/min., temperature 23±2 ˚С 150
Relative plastic strain ratio, %, max GOST 270-75 Extension rate 500 mm/min., temperature 23±2 ˚С 50
Shore A hardness, c. u., within the limits GOST 263-75 70-85

As well as conventional materials:

NIT-ABS is a non-toxic and durable material with high impact resistance. It can withstand various post-production procedures: smoothing with solvents, polishing, paint coating. This material is resistant to water, acids, or aquatic environments.

NIT-PLA is a bio-degradable and environmental friendly material possessing a low friction coefficient and a low melting point. Its geometry will not be distorted during printing. A perfect solution for printing a prototype or a toy.

NIT-HIPS is a plastic HIPS filament. It is classifed as a thermoplastic polymer material. During the production, polybutadiene is added to the main polysterene raw material which gives the filament rubber-like elasticity and high strength. In many respects the HIPS material is similar to ABS, SBS, or PLA filaments. However, some of its properties are much higher. For instance:

  • it does not absorb water, and it cannot be degraded in normal environments. It can be stored in an open package or without packaging at all;
  • it is a very soft material which makes the product finishing much more simple;
  • a non-pigmented filament has a very bright and pure white color which ensures its significant easthetic advantages (e. g., when printing a decorative item or a souvenir);
  • it is environmental friendly and 100 % safe for people, animals, or the environment;
  • it is a multi-purpose product: it can be used both as a primary or auxiliary printing material;
  • its prominent feature – a matte texture which allows smoothing of minor roughness. Your printed items will look stylish and attractive.

Extrusion temperature 230-240°С
Bending strength 33 MPa
Tensile strength 62 MPa
Flex modulus 2,280 MPa
Ultimate elongation 65%
Thermal contraction 0.8%
Material density Approx. 1.05 g/cm³
Recommended print bed temperature Approx. 90°С


Although our printer has a wide range of features it is simple and easy to use. It can be used both by professionals and amateur users. A detailed Manual with step-by-step explanations and action illustrations is included.

Problem solving

Please contact us if you have any problems with your printer. We'll identify and solve them together. For warranty cases – the problem will be solved individually, according to the warranty.


For legal entities only.
We'll conclude an agreement for supply of equipment and materials. Advance payment: 100 %.

Materials for 3D printing

You can choose among special filament spools: net weight: 1,000 or 2,500 grams; diameter: 1.75 or 2.85 mm. Packaging: zip-lock bags with silica gel inside, or in the individual branded carton packaging (optional). As the material is hydroscopic, please dry the filament before each use.


The warranty period for our 3D printers is 12 months.
If you found a filament defect which prevents the further use, we'll send you another spool at our own expense


Delivery methods: transportation companies (as agreed) or self-collection (after the order is paid for in full).

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