MANUFACTURING – НИТ – производство ABS пластика


Development and production

Materials and equipment for solving simple and complex problems of additive technologies at home and in industrial enterprises using FDM printing technologies

Our production is located in the city of Volgograd

Since 2015, we have been manufacturing and selling our own products in Russia and the CIS

NIT produces both widely known plastic materials for 3D printing FDM: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, as well as specialized composites with unique properties for use in production.


  • Always high quality raw materials for our composites
  • Hundreds of tests in the process of finding the ideal ratio of chemical and physical properties
  • Repeated modernization of the production cycle to the customer’s needs

Innovative equipment, high-quality materials and scientific potential - excellent results

  • We introduce additive technologies in industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation
  • We cooperate with research institutes, CMIT, quantoriums, the circle movement, STI, ASI
  • Individual work with each customer


We have signed an agreement with the Polytechnic Institute, and now we develop new composite materials for FDM printing.

You can find the articles about our manufacturing company in the media or thematic resources. The story and articles about us:

We offer a broad range of high-quality filaments

The quality of our products is documented

You can learn it by experience

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Best prices

The best price for the premium-quality original filament (as compared to market alternatives)

3 years of manufacturing process improvement

We follow industry trends. We meet all increasing requirements for the filament quality


Our clients are satisfied with printing quality and odorless work, and they are ready to recommend our company to you

High-precision manufacturing

All of our products are subject to the double technical control before they are released to the market

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Our manufacturing facility is located at

Volgograd (Russia)
11 Studenaya Street


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